It’s very exciting. It’s exciting to be here. And it’s exciting to know that this is the end of a, sort of a musical era of my life that I’m very proud of. It’s also exciting to move onto the next one.

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OMG so remember this?! She said SLEEP MASK. You guys are thinking it starts “with a very important S”. What’s more important than SLEEP?? The album is called Sleep Mask!!!!!!! I FIGURED IT OUT

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Why you gotta be so mean?

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i love when the little girl runs to taylor in the everything has changed video and taylor turns to like hip check her in the face

they probably had to cut it there because it was too violent for most audiences

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“I’ll do whatever I want.” — 7 times Grammy award winner Taylor Swift. (via justbeforetheyloseitall)

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Taylor Swift: RED Music Videos

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